Onsite Theatre Company Review

STL Today Summer Arts Preview

“Huckleberry Hostel” — In just a few seasons, OnSite Theatre Company has staked out a special place in St. Louis theater. Its plays are original works, written specifically for the venues where they are be performed, that put the audience right on stage because the stage is all around them.

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One Extraordinary Darkness

From the Ladue News. 10/26/09

Despite their name, nothing is particularly translucent in the Clearwater family. Father Clarence, long ago dispatched from the college where he taught physics and religion, spends his time in 1934 delving into the mysteries of “dark matter.” He’s assisted in these endeavors by his son Emet, whom Clarence believes has died and returned in some ethereal state.  

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Onsite Theatre Company

Our goal is to provide St. Louis with ever-changing theatrical events where actors, audience and location play active roles in an interactive environment for a fresh, unconventional experience.

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